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    I didn't feel much like going down to the sewing shed this week, weve been having a lot of snow in Yorkshire. But I did manage to brave it and made some Baby Born Boy outfits. They are in my shop now. Next I will be making some jockey underpants for the boy dolls, and some school dresses for most of the girl dolls. blog cars sleepsuit

    I've been sewing lots of different doll's items for the shop in the last couple of weeks.Dotties Dolls blog                           I have quite a lot of dolls that I sew for , and being a one woman business it does take a lot of time to keep everything made and stocked up, but I try to keep up as much as I can.  Dotties Dolls blog (2) I've made an array of underwear for some of the dolls, from 12 inch baby dolls up to Baby Born and 18 inch high Sindy dolls, the clothes for the Sindy dolls also fit American girl dolls. I hope to sew some more Jockey shorts for Baby Born Boy soon.  Ive also  been making dresses , ready for easter, and parties.                    Dotties Dolls blog 3